A Curated Collection

A curated collection of local designer and vintage in collaboration with Thabo Kopele & Hadeda. Thabo Kopele founded and run by Thabo Kopele. A brand for those who are minimalistic at heart. Clothing that always carries a narrative, always inspires and always has substance behind it. HADEDA, opened by Lavra Rose and Frank Joe Palmer in 2017, a vintage boutique that is founded in love: love for art of dressing and slow fashion, love for classic design and language of colour, love for the unusual, and love for each other. 
This collection aims at bringing you a variety of good quality wardrobe staples mixed with high end designer one of a kind luxury items. We handpicked and styled these items with you, our buyer, in mind. Providing a one stop solution for shopping local and sustainable. We hope you find your special piece!