Me On You is a Vintage Store that started on Instagram in 2019. However our love affair for special items started long before this. The store was born out of need of wanting pieces that didn't necessary come from main stream mall chain clothing brands. Nothing better then someone asking "Where is your outfit from?" "Its Vintage,babe!"

Only the best pieces will do in our collection, curated to become your go-to piece whatever the season.

Our collection goes through weekly cycles of second hand clothing, vintage and high end designer items, making it very seldom you see the same item twice. Designer pieces come with the papers to back it up or a sign of authenticity. If she has no papers we will say it upfront, if the price is too good it's too good.

We also offer small alteration services on items such as jeans, skirts and any bottoms.  Subject to an extra fee of R150(or depending on the alteration required).

We offer consignment on high end brands. This is the most eco friendly way of recycling your unwanted goods, by letting us sell them for you. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Please Note: We hand pick our pieces from many different sources in the safest way possible. We always follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines by wearing protective gear such as a mask and gloves. We make sure that the pieces we buy are clean and free from damage. All items are sterilised and steamed before they are photographed and uploaded.

We hope you enjoy the experience of buying vintage and second hand pieces just as much as we do x