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Sell with MOY

We all have those items that we still love but no longer wear. Clearing our your wardrobe is essential to give it a breath of fresh air. Thats why we now offer Sell with MOY, which means you can sell your items through us via consignment.

What it means to consign with MOY?

To consign means to let us sell your unwanted goods for you. Brands such as Gucci and LV stay forever classic, so they will always sell for a good price, no matter what the season. 

What type of items will MOY take under consignment?

For now you are able to consign Designer Luxury items only. Items such as clothing, shoes, handbags, sunglasses and other accessories. If you have a stunning designer coat or a pair of one of a kind Acne trousers we will consider selling those for you. Some of the luxury brands you can consign are:

Gucci                                 Miu Miu

Fendi                                  Balenciaga  

Dior                                    Hermes

Jill Sander                          Armani

LV                                       Ferragamo

Chanel                                Helmut Lang

Prada                                  D&G

Acne                                   Marni

The Row                             YSL

MM6 Maison Margiela       Isabel Marant

Rochas                                Versace

Calvin Klein                         JW Anderson

We will consider sportswear brands such as Nike, Patagonia, Palace, Adidas, Supreme, North Face etc. if in good condition.

We DO NOT consign brands such as Country Road, Trenery, Witchery, Mr Price, Studio W, Zara, H&M and others that are none luxury brands.

 So how does it work?

Please complete our form below if you have something that we are looking for. Only authentic items from the above brands can be submitted. Provide us with a detailed description of the item you would like to sell to MOY(the more detailed the better): designer brand, make, material, any features, serial no and original packaging etc. We will reply to you by email within 2-3 business days.