At Home With The Makers Of Style

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A revealing look at the intimate living spaces of key contemporary designers.

What should "home" look like today? Here we discover how influential designers work, relax, and are inspired by their personal and professional surroundings. And there are plenty of surprises, from Harry Allen's converted mortuary in Manhattan to the Bouroullec brothers' carpenter's workshop in a Parisian suburb.

With photography by Grant Scott, this book provides a unique opportunity for all those professionally involved in or just passionate about design to discover what the world's leading shapers of taste choose for themselves in creating their own homes. 218 color illustrations.

Featuring work by Alberto Alessi, Harry Allen, Azumis, Yves Behar, The Bouroullec Brothers, Boym, Piero Busnelli, The Campana Brothers, Matali Crasset, Robin Day, Droog, Gitta Gschwendtner, Martí Guixé, Sam Hecht, Matthew Hilton, Joseph Holtzman, Enzo Mari, David Mellor, Jay Osgerby, Dieter Rams, Karim Rashid, Jerszy Seymour, Ali Tayar, Terence Woodgate.

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