Olympus Trip 35mm

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A super lightweight (Weighing in at a measly 390g) the Trip 35 is nifty for carrying around and for travelling. It's very well built. The popularity of the Trip 35 reached its peak during the 1970’s when even David Bailey used one!

It has great lens a 40mm f/2.8 Zuiko lens with 4 coated elements is an ideal lens for almost any situation. The lens coatings stop reflections and flare which helps to increase sharpness and contrast. The camera does not require batteries! Its solar powdered. Just load the film and shoot.  The easiest camera to shoot. When set to automatic, if the meter senses that the photo will come out under or over exposed then it won’t fire. It takes some getting used to, but it saves valuable exposures on film, so it is very useful in some situations. You can also adjust the aperture manually to override this setting.

  • comes with a case and an original box + manual
  • tried and tested (images)
  • takes 35MM film
  •  In good working condition. Body is in good condition, minimal wear. Comes with a  leather case/case has wear.