Pentax Asahi SP500 SLR Film Camera

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This camera is pretty top notch! Launched in 1971, Asahi Optical Corporation released a series of cameras. The first was the Spotmatic SPII, its flagship model and the second was the SP500. The “500” in the name is a reference to its highest shutter speed, which is 1/500 of a second. Instead of re-designing a whole new shutter system to drop off at 1/500, they just changed out the shutter speed knob to one painted up to 1/500. You can turn the knob past 1/500 and you have 1/1000 just like the legendary SP1000. 

Really easy to use, good quality SLR. Doesn't require batteries to shoot. But does need batteries for the light meter. In terms of lenses it takes the Pentax Screwmount SMC Takumar lenses as well as any other M42 threaded lenses. Also, if you have the metering engaged it gives you a Depth of Field preview too!

This one comes with a really good Macro Focus Zoom 52mm lens. If you are a film photography enthusiast and looking to move over to an SLR , this camera is it!

  • Comes with a strap
  • tried and tested (images incl)
  • takes 35MM film
  • Fresh Battery Included
  • In good working condition. Body is in good condition, minimal wear.