Ricoh KR-5 Super SLR Film Camera

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Ricoh KR-5 Super SLR Film Camera with a Rikenon 55mm Lense. The KR-5 Super is the updated and more advanced version of the original KR-5. It features an improved shutter, allowing speeds from 1/8th of a second up to 1/1000th of a second, and an improved flash sync speed of 1/125th of a second. Bulb mode is also present, naturally.

This is a fantastic general purpose SLR camera for the amateur shooter. It will do nearly everything the average film photographer could ask of it, and it looks quite sleek at the same time. The camera is in very nice condition. The viewfinder, film compartment, mirror box, shutter, and battery compartment are all very clean and in great condition. The light meter works perfectly.

The included lens has a focal length of 55mm. This makes it an ideal setup for almost every kind of general purpose photography, including landscape, snapshots, action, family photos, portraits, architectural shooting, and street photography. 

Comes with a strap and fresh batteries. Has been fully serviced and comes with a 3 month warranty.


  • tried and tested (images incl) shot on black and white Fomopan 100 film stock
  • takes 35MM film (film not incl)
  • Fresh Battery Included, comes with a strap
  • In good working condition. Body is in good condition, minimal wear. Has some spots in the view finder from age, which doesn't affect the images or the image quality